• Screening methods – Anti cancer, Wound healing, Antidiarrhoeal, Analgesia, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-pyretic, gastric ulcer and toxicity etc.
  • Experimentally – Induced Diabetes Mellitus, Anti cancer, Gastric ulcer, Analgesia, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-pyretic.
  • Experiments on the intact animals (Mice, Rats, Guinea pig etc.)
  • Standardization of the herbs according to WHO monograph and isolation of the various natural products.
  • Standardization of the pharmaceutical formulations as tablet, capsule, ointments, liquids, powders etc as per pharmacopoeias.
  • Expert in handling the Spectrophotometers, flame Photometer, Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, TLC, HPTLC and familiar with Gel chromatography and HPLC.


  • Life Member in Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA).
  • Life Member in Indian Pharmaceutical Graduate Association (IPGA) (LM-1417).
  • Registered member in State Pharmacy Council of India, Uttar Pradesh (30888).


Other courses
  • Diploma in Herbal Drug Manufacturing Management (D.H.M.M.) from IPER, Pune.
  • Short term course in computer basics (A to Z) at Aptech Computer Center, Manipal.



Researcher-Expertise in

  • Pharmacological Screening of Traditional Drugs
  • Phytomedicine and Alternative medicine
  • Drug standardization
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Interface Ayurveda with disciplines like botany, ethnobotany
  • Ethnomedicine, ethnopharmacology